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Onwards to the future

I am currently sitting in a train and just passed the station Saarburg.

This is my first non-technical blog post and its sole purpose is to keep me from being nervous about what the next 2 hours have in store for me.

One of my goals in the last 1.5 years has been to buy an E46 320CI convertible (not sure if the word cabrio exists in english).

There were only slight modifications to this wish over time. It moved from silver to black. It moved moved from wanting a 325 to realising that a 320 is more in my price range.

There was also a lot of learning involved.

Things that I tried to learn:

All in all this was an interesting journey and now it is coming to an end.

And I am really nervous.

There should be no reason to be nervous. The car has full coverage insurance, is paid for in full and I just need to pick it up.

But there is this creeping shadow of doubt. The knowledge about how my 'relationship' to this car would be ruined if it will break significantly in the next few months.

The fear of having overlooked something with the car.

All these thoughts are stupid and annoying and they are here to stay for the duration of this train ride.

One of the reasons I am so nervous about it is that I see this car as a significant part of how great my next 6 months are going to be. It feels like the ultimate accessory to the upcoming spring, summer and autumn. That will allow me to create a look, an impression, of something that I would like to be and that this car would turn into reality.

I am confident that this will work out great, but maybe I just hate sitting in a train opposite to the direction of travel.